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Student Testimonials

Check Out Our Student Testimonials

Testimonial 1


Hello my name is Jessica, I have been with the college planning program for about two years now. It has not only helped me but my entire family because beforehand I didn’t know where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do or even the whole process of applying to college.

With the website I had taken multiple assessments to determine my strengths and weaknesses for deciding what major I should go into and the coach has been a great help for deciding what colleges I should apply to, the application process and even FAFSA.

CPP has given me the opportunity of having a variety of options on what I want to do for the next four years, including a $64,000 scholarship to a college that I had applied to. If it wasn’t for my aunt who introduced CPP to my mom I didn’t think I would be attending a four year college and I am so thankful for Heartland and I am glad that I am in this program.

Testimonial 2


I enrolled to CPP in October just right before I was going to fill out all my college applications. I didn’t know what major I wanted to be in and what school I wanted to go to. I was taking the hardest classes and doing a lot of extracurricular activities just so they looked good on my college applications.

When I first heard about the program what I found really valuable was how the site allowed you to asses yourself to see what major best suited you and then to use that to find a career interest and that’s really important because a lot of people these days take a major not knowing what career they want later that’s relatable to that major.

Another thing I found helpful was the assistance I got from my coach in helping me fill out my FAFSA. The FAFSA was super long and the first time I submitted it I actually got an error back so I tried looking for that error myself but I couldn’t find it so I asked my coach for help and he assisted me in finding that error, which helped me submit my FAFSA on time to still get the financial aid that I needed. I actually got four awards from different schools. From Dominican University I got $84,000. From the University of San Francisco I got $2,000. From UC Davis I got $25,000 and from UC Berkeley I got $22,000.

This really meant a lot to me because with my family’s financial situation there was a point where they thought they couldn’t afford to send me to college and this really devastated me because I thought all my hard work and effort in high school would go to waste. I really like this program because it really helps me focus my efforts. If I had it my freshman year of high school I would have been able to take the right classes and do the right activities that related to something that I actually wanted to do. So I could’ve spent the last four years prepping for college instead of my last year.

Testimonial 3


Hi my name is Vivian, I’ve been living in the US for only four year and I just graduated from high school. Before enrolling in CPP I felt so stressed about where to go to college. Every day I worried, “what if I don’t get accepted to any four year colleges, since I was new to this country I did not understand how the college planning process worked”, until I enrolled in CPP.
I worked with a personal coach and had access to him whenever I needed. The coach gave me a list every month to ensure that I knew what I needed to do to get accepted into the college. Also, he gave me a lot of information about where and how to apply for scholarships. He even helped me write my personal statement. With the help of CPP I feel much more confident. When I had anything that I didn’t understand I no Longer needed to struggle by myself because I knew my coach would help me find the answer.

I definitely recommend CPP because CPP is the guide that helps you to go from high school to college and even assists you with career path selection. I will attend university in the fall semester. The university offered me $18,000 scholarship and my high school district offered me $500 scholarship. I feel so great that I have enrolled in CPP and I really appreciate what my coach has done for me.

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