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Scholarship Search and Career Planning

When you sign up you will have access to our Scholarship Search.  Scholarship Search is an online education and career planning system. This system will provide the tools the students need to build a strong foundation for a lifelong career success. This involves understanding the point of assessments, exploring career options, planning for education, as well as planning for work.

Our College Planning Coaches utilize the Scholarship Search to guide students as they prepare for college and their careers. This system is backed by 75 years of research and development.

Why Scholarship Search?

  • Scholarship Search is backed by over 75 years of research and development and is guided by the thinking of world-renowned vocation experts. This system is led by a team of career development experts who conduct ongoing, industry-wide research to ensure our systems are reliable.
  • Scholarship Search is a leading provider of research-based assessments. The assessments are empirically aligned to the 16 National Career Clusters of the 6 Holland Clusters, giving users the confidence in knowing they’ll have valid, reliable results as they plan for the future.
  • Scholarship Search includes up to date exploration information. We have the most current information on colleges, scholarships, labor trends, and occupational outlook based on the U. S. Department of Labor’s O*NET Database.

In order to get access to Scholarship Search you need to sign up with us.

After signing up you will get the login information where you can take the assessment tests, learn about yourself, explore occupations, and start planning for your education and career.

Learn about Myself

This will give you an opportunity to learn more about your interests and skills by taking assessments. Once you’ve taken an assessment, you can look at some occupations that may interest you based on your results. You can also explore based on occupations.

Explore Occupations

There are hundreds of careers waiting for you to explore them. With this feature, you will be able to find, save and compare some of the careers that interest you.  Once you have identified a career you are seriously considering you can begin developing an education plan to help you reach your career goal.

Plan for Education

This section will help the students learn about their options after high school. This section will also assist you in building a four year education plan to achieve your high school goals or create a plan based on careers that interest you. This section also helps you start college and scholarship search.

Plan for Work

The last section will help the student plan for work. This section helps the student learn which resources can help prepare them and secure the best possible job. There are many documents such as resumes, cover letters, and references that need to be updated often. There are also short videos included in this section that share with you information about how to prepare for an interview on how to enhance your interviewing skills.

As you can see the program has many different features and benefits that help the student achieve their goals. Scholarship Search has a wealth of resources and tools to help students successfully navigate through college and help them find a career that best suits them.

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