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Frequently Asked Questions About College Planning and Coaching

FAQs About College Planning

General Questions about College Planning

1. When is the best time to enroll a student?

The earliest you can enroll a student is in the 2nd semester of the 8th Grade Year. The earlier the
enrollment, the better it is for the student and parent. It allows the coach to have more time in helping the
student plan and understand what is needed to achieve the student’s educational and career goals.

2. Is it too late to enroll my student if they are a Senior in High School?

It is never too late. However, if the primary reason to enroll the student is to obtain funding the
student/family would not be a good fit for our program. Our program helps in 3 specific areas of education assistance:

• We help with assessing the student’s aptitudes and interests to determine a career
path the student can use to begin their focus in searching for different career options.

• We work with the planning, selection, and application process for college.

• We assist in searching for scholarships and grants that are available for the students
to apply for based on their qualifications.

3. Is there any benefit to enrolling a student currently in College?

It depends on the student. If the student is still unclear or unsure of what they would like to pursue as a
career or confused as to what degree or major on which they should focus, or are Community College
students, our College Planning may be able to provide the guidance and assistance the student needs to help find their “Optimal” Career. Also, depending how far along the student is through college, we may also provide assistance with job search, building a resume, how to plan for work, and how to develop
interviewing skills. The College Planning Team will review the application carefully before accepting
the student.

4. Is there any guarantee that we will find additional funding (scholarships & grants) to pay for school?

We cannot guarantee a student will be awarded a scholarship or grant. Many awardees are selected by a
committee that is awarding the scholarship and HIFE has no control over that decision. However, the College Coaches will provide scholarship applications for a student to apply for on an ongoing basis. The coaches are here to assist them with the application process, understanding what is required, how to apply, review essays if needed, etc. But ultimately, it is the responsibility of the student to apply.

5. Is the student required to renew?

No. However, if you would like to enroll a student, it would be best if they understood that the program
provides greater benefit and outcome when the student is in the program for 3-4 years. The more time spent with the College Coach, the greater the success. It allows the Coach to help the student develop and give them a clearer and better understanding of what is needed to reach their educational and career goals.

6. What is the advantage of our College Planning over High School Counselors?

The High School Counselors’ main focus is how to help the student graduate High School ASAP. Though
some will provide assistance, however, it may be limited because they may not have the expertise or feel
comfortable when dealing with questions about FAFSA, College Application, College Selection, Revaluation Letters, Assessments, Career Guidance, etc. Our College Planning provides guidance and assistance from beginning to end. Our goal is to ultimately assist the student in obtaining an “Optimal” Career based on the student’s interest, skills, and work values.

7. Is there a payment plan for the 1st year of the enrollment fee?

Yes, the payment option plans are as followed.

• Option A: One Full payment of $2,495

• Option B: $999 down payment and monthly
payments of $199 for 8 consecutive months

• Option C: $299 monthly payments for 9 consecutive months

8. What if the parents want to enroll their student, but he or she is not willing or lacks commitment?

Only enroll the student under the following conditions:

• The student wants to enroll for him/herself.

• The student shows desire and is committed to work for his/her future.

• The student is willing to spend time working with the Scholarship Search System and the coaches.

9. If the Heartland Institute of Financial Education is a Non-profit, why isn’t their college planning for free?

Even a non-profit has to pay its bills. Would you really like for your student to receive college guidance from a

non-paid volunteer? A for-profit distributes its profits to the owners. Heartland doesn’t have owners, so there is no distribution and many benefits to using their services, including:

• The cost is lower, but the service is personal, professional and private.

• Heartland works with and is endorsed by colleges throughout the United States.

• Heartland focuses on college planning; not on promoting or selling other products.

• As a 501 (c) (3) Non-profit, Heartland is under stricter quality control.

• The carefully-selected Coaches that represent Heartland prefer working with a Non-profit.

• Our parents and students continually tell us that they prefer working with a Non-profit.

• We are told that there is a higher level of comfort and trust when working with a Non-profit.

• Heartland consistently earns over 90% approval rating from our parents and students.

10. Of the seniors enrolled in the College Planning program from the most recent graduating class, what percentage went onto attend college?

97.7% of the seniors enrolled in the College Planning program went onto attend college.

11. Based on those seniors enrolled in the College Planning Program and who reported from the most recent graduating class, what was the average amount of financial aid received per student?

The average amount of financial aid received per student that reported was $29,288.

General Questions about the Coaching Process

1. Who are the Coaches? What are their qualifications?

All our Coaches on average have over 20 years of experience in higher education. They are all highly
experienced professionals who have worked in the college/university environment working directly with
college level students. They have worked in all areas including academic advising, admissions, financial aid
office, as well as being professors or deans.

2. How often will the Coach communicate with the student?

Communication is done as often as needed. We do not have limits as to how much time or how often a
Coach will spend with a student. Each Coach is required to communicate with a student a minimum of twice a month in addition to sending recommendations. However, though these are the minimums, the Coach may communicate more frequently depending on the responses of the students/parents.

3. What type of communication will the Coach provide? (Email? Phone? Skype?)

Majority of the communication between the Coach and parents/students will be via email. If a phone
conversation is needed, a parent/student may request a phone call from the Coach. The Coaches will do
their very best to respond in a timely manner, typically within 48-72 hours.

4. Is there a limit on how many times a student/parent have access to their coach?

There is no limitation. If a family/student has concerns or questions we encourage them to contact the
Coach. The Coaches will do their very best to respond in a timely manner, typically within 48-72 hours.

5. Can the parents or students choose the Coach for themselves?

We assign the Coaches based on internal process. All our Coaches are equally qualified and trained by the
Vice President of Education and Dean of Education to perform the duties required by the College Planning Program. We match a student with a coach based on the information provided in the application and the experience and availability of the coach. This ensures we assign the best Coach for each student.

6. Is there any list of the coaches available?

We have a sample of a few of the Coaches’ profiles located in the Member portal. Keep in mind, these represent just a few of the Coaches. Please Note: All of our Coaches go through a thorough interview process by the Vice President of Education, Mr. Bob Fulcomer, and the Dean of Education, Mrs. Constance Seiden to verify and confirm their experience and qualifications prior to working with the College Planning Program. Unless a possible coach has extensive experience in education, they are not considered for coaching.

7. Do Coaches collaborate with each other in supporting students?

The College Planning Team and the College Coaches meet on a regular basis. Meetings are held every 45-60 days. During this meeting, our Coaches brainstorm and share ideas that have been working with their current students. In addition to our meetings, the Coaches communicate on a regular basis with both our Vice President of Education and Dean of Education for any other additional guidance or suggestions that may help the Coaches. The Coaches frequently share information, insights and suggestions with each other to continually be in a position to provide the best support for each student.

8. If they are not satisfied with the Coach who has been assigned to them, can they request to change the Coach?

Under normal circumstances, coaching changes will not be approved. There is a possibility, that in a very
rare and unique situation we would approve a Coach Change. However, the approval process for a Coach
Change is looked at extensively and, there has to be just cause to grant approval. The College Planning Team will do their best to provide an outcome beneficial to all parties.

Apply to our College Planning Program

We can help you plan and fund your education