College Selection Process

Admissions, Selection & Essay Assistance

College Selection

Admissions, Selection & Essay Assistance

College Selection Considerations

  • Geographic Location
  • Admission Requirements
  • Admissions Competitiveness
  • Major/Degree Offerings
  • Professor to Student Ratio
  • Scholarship/Grant to Loan Ratio
  • Student Population
  • Ethnic Mix
  • Campus Culture
  • Campus Housing
  • Campus Location & Layout
  • College Reputation
  • Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Intramural Athletics
  • Campus Activities
  • Campus Healthcare Services
  • Career Placement Reputation
  • Alumni Association Involvement
Getting it right the first time saves time and money!

Our Coaches Know And Understand The Process…

  • Financial-Aid Process/ Appeal
  • Scholarship/Grant Search
  • Student-Loan Options
  • Parent-Loan Options
  • College Selection Assistance
  • Career Assessment Analysis
Our coaches have experience in every aspect.

Coaching For Parents And Students!

  1. Upon enrollment, you will be contacted by your Personal Coach who will: Welcome you as his/her personal client;
  2. Go over the important steps required to “DO COLLEGE RIGHT”;
  3. Make sure that all activities begin in a timely manner;
  4. Work on your behalf with an on-staff Research Analyst;
  5. Promptly answer all questions related to college planning & admissions;
  6. Provide you with essential tools to help you ucceed;
  7. Assist you in the fulfillment of your goal to achieve your educational goals in a cost-effective manner.
Parents and students must commit to success.

Qualifying Standards…

  • Student must in the 9th Grade (Freshman) or higher in High School to qualify for our service.
  • There is no minimum or maximum income that limits a Family’s qualification for our service. Student must attend an “accredited” institution in order to qualify for Federal Financial Aid.
  • Student must have a high level of commitment and willingness to work with the assigned College Planning Coach.
Time waits for no one.

The Moment Of Truth . . .

  • Are you prepared for your children’s education?
  • Are you worried about the rising cost of college tuition?
  • Are you concerned that your child chooses the right major?
  • Are you wondering whether or not your child has a “Game Plan” for college?
  • Are you having a hard time completing the FAFSA form?
  • Are you informed enough about how to qualify for student loans, scholarships and grants?
  • Are you interested in learning different strategies to help you find the “Best Fit College” for your child?
  • Are you aware that there are programs available to help fund your child’s education?
  • Are you concerned that the high cost of college will impact your retirement savings?
It’s time to get some help!

Common Costly Mistakes Most Parents Make

  1. Most middle/upper-middle class parents assume they won’t be eligible for financial aid because they own a home and make over $75,000 year.
  2. Assuming only minority students, athletes, and academically gifted students get financial aid.
  3. Picking colleges and universities without paying attention to where their student compares to the rest of the student body. Assuming all schools are created equal and will be able to give them the same amount of money.
  4. Not understanding the difference between “includable assets” and “non-includable assets”. Having the mentality of “it doesn’t matter where I keep my money; it’s all counted in the same way.”
  5. Going through the college admissions and financial aid process by themselves because it’s “cheaper”.
You need to work with someone you trust.

The College Selection Process

The College Selection Process assists the student with majors and degrees, admissions process, SAT and ACT test scores, cost and financial aid and rankings. Our coaches provide students assistance with College Selection Process. The figure below shows an example of college selection. The figure shows Stanford University and its major concentrations. They are at the top when it comes to engineering and Business majors. If you are looking to get into a nursing program then Stanford would probably not be a top choice for you, but if you are looking to study engineering or business then Stanford would probably be a school of top choice for you. This is something our College Coaches will assist you with and they will help you decide what colleges would be good for you based on the degree of your choice and your GPA, SAT, ACT and other criteria. The figure also shows admission statistics of how many people applied and what percentage of students actually get in including graduation rates. The next part of the figure shows the average cost of attendance and the types of scholarships and grants available for the students to attend that particular college. Your College Coaches will take in all the information given to them and based on the criteria they will give you the best options for you in the college selection process.


Example describes the college selection process including academic majors and programs, application and admission statistics and fees, test scores fro SAT and ACT, cost and financial aid, types of aid and college rankings

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