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Student Assessment

Career Interest Assessment

The Career Interest Assessment test helps students find out what their top interest are. Students will take a survey of what interests them and rank them from most favorite to least favorite. The results will reveal what the student's interests are and we will match career recommendations that they will actually enjoy doing.


Skills Confidence Assessment

The Skills Confidence Assessment test assists the student discover their skill set and figure out what they are good at. This test rates the student's confidence level in accomplishing given activities. The results of this assessment will help the student in finding out the skills they possess and explore career options that are in line with those skill sets.


Works Value  Assessment

The Works and Values Assessment test helps the student evaluate their work values and determine what issues and work place values are most important to them, so they can be matched with careers that align with their personal goals and values. The students will rate what is important to them when it comes to work place values and ethics to find out which industry and job function is the closest match.

The three assessments are based on over 75 years of research. The assessments aren't meant to tell you what you should or will be successful in doing, instead, they give you some focus about where to begin your search for career options.

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