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Money4Johnny - Providing Families with College Planning Solutions

Money4Johnny.com is a program in collaboration with HIFE helping parents and students get ready for college. We are an organization committed to excellence in providing College Planning Solutions, aptitude and career assessment, and grants and scholarships for high school students depending on qualifications.


Our vision is to assist every college student plan and fund their college dreams. We help high school students find the right college. It is stressful having to deal with the increasing expenses of college tuition and fees, books and supplies, transportation, room and board, and other expenses. We want to help you figure out what your interests are, help you with college planning and assist you in finding Scholarships and Grants to ensure you succeed in college.


Our mission is to help students and parents with their college planning and education needs. We are committed to preparing high school students for college by helping them plan for college, offer aptitude and career assessment, and Grants and Scholarships.

Who We Are

How did the organization come about?

Money4Johnny.com in collaboration with HIFE has a mission to provide financial education for college. We pride ourselves in our comprehensive College Planning Curriculum. Our goal is to educate high school students about financial decisions and college options to facilitate their journey to and through college.

What We Do

Money4Johnny.com in collaboration with HIFE College planning Coaches will work with you to ensure you are provided with all the available choices in your college planning, admission and funding. We offer services in these three areas.

  1. Assessing student’s aptitudes and interests.
  2. Assistance with college application process.
  3. Finding grants and scholarships for students depending on qualifications.

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Student Testimonials

I definitely recommend CPP because CPP is the guide that helps you to go from high school to college and even assists you with career path selection. I will attend university in the fall semester. The university offered me $18,000 scholarship and my high school district offered me $500 scholarship. I feel so great that I have enrolled in CPP and I really appreciate what my coach has done for me.

Student Testimonials
Vivian High School Senior

I actually got four awards from different schools. From Dominican University I got $84,000. From the University of San Francisco I got $2,000. From UC Davis I got $25,000 and from UC Berkeley I got $22,000.

Student Testimonials
Sabrina College Student

CPP has given me the opportunity of having a variety of options on what I want to do for the next four years, including a $64,000 scholarship to a college that I had applied to. If it wasn’t for my aunt who introduced CPP to my mom I didn’t think I would be attending a four year college and I am so thankful for Heartland and I am glad that I am in this program.

Student Testimonials
Jessica College Student