College Planning

Our College Planning coaches provide, career assessment analysis, career planning assistance, college selection assistance, application process assistance, ACT/SAT preparation assistance, FAFSA guidance, curriculum planning assistance, financial aid appeal assistance, college funding strategies and student/parent coaching.

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Certified Consultants

Our Certified College Planning Consultants are ready to assist you in your college planning needs. We can help you plan and fund your education.

Student Assessment

We assess the student's career interests, skills and works value to find the best possible fit when it comes to deciding a college major and job functions.


We can assist the students with scholarship search. We find scholarships and grants to help students fund their college education.

Apply to our College Planning Program

We can help you plan and fund your education

Student Testimonials

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Testimonial 1 Jessica

Hello my name is Jessica, I have been with the college planning program for about two years now. It has not only helped me but my entire family because beforehand I didn’t know where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do or even the whole process of applying to college.


Testimonial 2 Sabrina

I enrolled to CPP in October just right before I was going to fill out all my college applications. I didn’t know what major I wanted to be in and what school I wanted to go to. I was taking the hardest classes and doing a lot of extracurricular activities just so they looked good on my college...


Testimonial 3 Vivian

Hi my name is Vivian, I’ve been living in the US for only four year and I just graduated from high school. Before enrolling in CPP I felt so stressed about where to go to college. Every day I worried, “what if I don’t get accepted to any four year colleges, since I was new to this...

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Empowering organizations and their people through financial education

Message from the Dean: Different Types of Financial Aid

When it comes to financial aid, students need to look at possibilities. Here are some of the main ones available. Grants: Did someone say free money? Unlike loans, grants...

Why You Should Fill Out the FAFSA

Over $2.9 Billion in Free College Money Unclaimed by Students – Why?

The best way to snsure that history doesn’t repeat itself by students missing out on free financial aid is for both graduating seniors and, of course, parents, to fill out their FAFSA forms ASAP!


3 Ways Low-Income Students Can Tackle College Costs

Pricey colleges may soften the financial blow for low-income attendees with grants and need-based aid. Understanding that aid is available can help students from modest backgrounds realize that they have a real choice in...

Cost of College

Debt Worries: Student debt spans the population and affects all groups

At this point, it’s old news that student loan rates have doubled. It’s also nothing new to hear that student debt is higher than ever, surpassing $1 trillion. Student loan debt inflicts one out of five...

Apply to our College Planning Program

We can help you plan and fund your education